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Ayataka Matcha latter is a wondeful drink to enjoy for its super rich and milky green tea latte blend with a lot of sweetness. The matcha taste is super deep and tasty from the first sip. This is best when poured over ice for anyone don't want to much of the sweetness. It is shelf-stable while sealed and the best before dates extends well over 6 months. Get your bottle before it is gone forever.

Ingredients:Milk (made in Japan), sugar, powdered skim milk, green tea (matcha powdered green tea), vegetable oil, non-fat concentrated dairy product, dextrin, table salt/cellulose, emulsifier, antioxidant (vitamin C), sodium caseinate, flavoring, artificial colorings (gardenia, safflower yellow)

Product type:Beverage product Calories:42 kcal/100 ml

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