About Us

More Foods Mart (MFM) was established in Vancouver with a strong ambition and desire to bring the best of authentic quality products from Asia at the most affordable price.

MFM is led by food lovers and health enthusiasts. We are inspired by different cuisines through different cultures. We are good cooks ourselves as well. While pursuing our passion in cuisine, we find a lot of authentic ingredients are still missing in the market. In addition, we notice many customers’ misconception that good quality always must come with a high price, and instant food is not healthy. With that, we thrive to introduce those missing new products along with fresh healthy ingredients to our customers' everyday meals. All products from foods, drink, household, health and beauties are selectively sorted with care and attention. As we believe, those products are one of the most important factors to contribute to good health and lifestyle.

MFM aims to be a reliable and trusted stop for our valuable customers to find the best solution for food options! MFM appreciates your business, and we strive to ensure the best customer experience and satisfaction when shopping with us.